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Fixed Right Or It’s Free®

While it is our intent to Fix It Right or It’s Free®, this program is intended to apply whenever a client performs the recommended repair while we are at your home repairing a furnace or central air conditioner. With that said, there are just a few exclusions to the Fixed Right or It’s Free®.

  1. “Precision Tune Ups” or general maintenance do not carry the “Fixed Right or It’s Free”. However, a “Super Tune Up” does carry the “Fixed Right or It’s Free®“.
  2. The client must perform all recommended repairs®/or replacement of the equipment before the “Fixed Right or It’s Free” goes into effect.
  3. The “Fixed Right or It’s Free®” program is only during normal working hours, (M-F 8:00 am -5:00 pm holidays excluded) unless the original covered repair was performed at overtime rates.
  4. The parts must be available to repair the unit. We will not seek out used parts, replace or re-design the unit if the manufacturer has ceased providing the replacement parts.
  5. The “Fixed Right or It’s Free®” program does not cover the replacement of the equipment if the heat exchanger or compressor fail, if the unit looses R-22 refrigerant, if the unit is damaged by incidents beyond our control (such as fire, flood, tornado, storm damage, civil unrest, war, loss of utilities, freezing, sabotage, acts of terrorism, acts of God, etc.)
  6. The client must allow our technician the time needed to accurately diagnose and repair your unit.
  7. There is no “Fixed Right or It’s Free®” on your ductwork or balancing of your air flow.
  8. There is no “Fixed Right or It’s Free®” on units that have been installed by “moonlighters” or “side jobbers” and the permitting/inspection process has been ignored. This exclusion does not apply if a recognized, licensed, bonded and insured HVAC company originally installed your equipment and simply in error forgot to take a permit or to have the inspection performed.
  9. The “Fixed Right or It’s Free®” must be requested at the time of the service call.

Note; “Unit” or “equipment” refer to the individual furnace, boiler, heat pump air handler, heat pump outdoor unit, air cleaner or humidifier that our technician has repaired. This “Fixed Right or It’s Free®” does not apply to commercial units.

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