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High-Quality Air Conditioner Replacement

Ac repair technician

If your cooling system is older than 12-15 years and you're looking for an Akron air conditioning company to help you with an air conditioner replacement, call Keith Heating & Cooling. We can give you a free estimate and all our prices are up front!

Like all machinery, air conditioners don't last forever but will eventually fail or break down. Old age, inadequate cooling, and intense grinding noises are some of the most obvious warning signs.

We can help you to find an AC replacement system that will provide you with the most energy efficiency and reliability. If you live in Akron or the surrounding area, contact us to schedule an air conditioner replacement estimate today!

Why Choose Us For AC Replacements?

You will have an endless number of choices in air conditioner replacement systems as well as contractors to do the work. You're looking for a trustworthy company to hire that can offer you reasonable prices, a quality installation, and a reliable AC replacement system.

Keith Heating & Cooling is highly confident that we can satisfy your every need. We've been HVAC professionals for many years now and we hire the most hard-working, skilled and loyal staff.

Getting referrals from other customers is an important part of our daily business, and we are thrilled that all of our customers are more than happy with our services.

When we're called to replace an air conditioner, our priority is bringing comfort back to the home. This is why our expert technicians will first inspect your unit to ensure that an AC replacement is the most cost-effective solution for your unique situation

We're willing to answer all your questions regarding the air conditioner replacement in Tallmadge, Cuyahoga Falls, Akron, and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today to schedule your free estimate and consultation!

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  • Your Home Comfort is our #1 Concern!

Air Conditioner New

Do you need an air conditioner for new construction, remodeling, or home renovations? We can offer you a quality installation and reliable new air conditioner that will provide years of cool comfort to your home. Ask us about ductless systems, central air systems, or heat pumps! We can offer you the quality new air conditioner you need for your home today!

If you're looking for a professional air conditioning replacement company in the Akron area, please call 330-633-4949 or complete our online service request form.